Osteria dei Catari

Vicolo Solferino, 4 – Monforte d’Alba (CN)

The Osteria dei Catari, located in an alley of Monforte, offers recipes from the Langhe that vary according to the seasons. On the wine list appear the best labels, mostly Piedmontese. Important, from a creative point of view, the work of Gregor Durlik, Polish painter who, thanks to his artistic influences, has made the restaurant original and characteristic. The name of the tavern takes its cue from the events of the Càtari, a group of Christians who lived in the fortress of Monforte at the beginning of the 11th century. Their customs and beliefs knew of heresy and, when the Bishop of Milan was informed that in Mons Fortis an unprecedented heresy was practiced, he conquered the castle and tried to bring them back on the right path. The powerful of the city, fearful that those strange ideas would take root in the Lombard capital, they erected a large cross on one side and lit a fire on the other, forcing the Cathars the choice between embracing the cross or die in the fire. History says that they chose fire.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch.

+39 0173 787256