Activities and Excursions
Monforte 7 paths

Path n°.1 - From S. Giovanni hamlet to S. Stefano hamlet- Km. 12,5 - 4h
Path n°.2 - From the “Settevie” (Chapel of the seven ways) to Pensoglio hamlet- Km. 9 - 3h
Path n°.3 - From Ornati hamlet to S. Sebastiano hamlet- Km. 9,2 - 3h
Path n°4 - From S. Giuseppe hamlet to Tiradosso hamlet - Km. 9,7 -  3h10’
Path N°5 - From Monforte to Castelletto - Km. 10 - Time: 3h15’
Path N°6 - Bricco dell’Asciutto - Km. 4,5 - Time: 1h30’
Path N°7 - The Path of the Catari through the historical village
Pic nic in the crus

A beautiful day through some of Barolo's most famous vineyards. Led by a local guide, you will "walk the land" and discover the colours, scents, landscapes and stories that are enclosed in a glass of wine. Program: guided panoramic walk through the Crus of Barolo, Pic nic in the vineyards with a basketful of local products, free official map of the Crus price per person € 40,00. Minimum 4 people.
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Truffle hunting

It's a very interesting experience in close contact with nature, in the company with a Trifulao (truffle hunter) who will guide you in the woods wherethe truffles grow, guided only by the instinct of his faithful dog and from the experience gained over many years. During the search, which is done in the morning, afternoon or in the night, the Trifulao will explain you how, where and why truffles grow. 
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Segway Tours

Passionate tour with Segway, a fantastic and dynamic experience. When you become familiar with your Segway with the training staff, you can choose which itinenary is better for you. Alba Town: 30 minutes discovering the historic centre of the town with the secrets, history, monuments and the beauty of this small capital of wine, truffle and cuisine. Alba wine: a leisurely stroll through the Langhe hills, where you can observe beautiful landscapes that will take you just outside the city of Alba to visit some famous wineries including wine tasting.
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